Executive Coaching

Get confidential advice from an unbiased coach with decades of experience as a manufacturing leader.

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Executive Coaching

At its core, Executive Coaching is designed to address specific challenges an individual is facing managing specific aspects of a project, department, individual, or business. It’s also appropriate as a professional development tool to support high-performing individuals as they acclimate to a new role or prepare for additional responsibilities.

DVIRC’s Senior Business Solutions Advisors have learned that one of the keys to success is developing a thorough understanding of the business, the individuals, and the issues involved.

Executive Coaching Benefits

  • Improved individual people-management skills
  • Engagement and alignment among the management team
  • Creating an environment of individual and/or team accountability
  • Effectively managing time to maximize productivity and avoid burnout
  • Managing and communicating up, effectively adapting to your leader’s style
  • Effectively managing conflict between two employees
  • Creating/managing a development plan for a high-performing employee’s future promotion
Vivienne Baxter, Executive Coaching Practice Lead

Vivienne Baxter is the Senior Manager of Training & Organization Development at DVIRC.