Software Selection

Determine the best ERP, finance, or CRM software solutions for what your company needs.

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Avg. Retained Sales / Project
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Software Selection

Software selection projects fail from the start when functional needs and value propositions have not been defined.

Without a structure to review multiple solutions, there is no basis for deciding which option will be best based on a salesperson’s promises. DVIRC’s experts will help you select software and technology that will support planned growth and add significant business value.

Software Selection Benefits

  • Improved Operational Efficiency: We know the small to mid-market ERP software and technology marketplace and how our clients can gain process improvement and competitive advantage with the right solution.
  • Cost Savings: We emphasize the need for due diligence beyond sales representations and support our clients with money-saving contract negotiation strategies.
  • Right-Sized Solution: Our experts have a great understanding of the ERP landscape and can match your organization to the right-sized solution that meets your needs.
Harry Landsburg, Software Selection Practice Lead

Harry Landsburg is the President of HL27, LLC and the former Director of Business Process Technology Consulting at DVIRC