Lean Users Group

Develop a Continuous Improvement Culture

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Lean Users Group

The Lean Users’ Group is made up of Lean/Continuous Improvement leaders throughout the Philadelphia region. The group provides a unique opportunity for leaders to network with fellow Lean enthusiasts to share views, ideas, and experiences, learn best practices, grow in their knowledge of Lean, and enhance their development in Lean Leadership.

Lean Users Group Benefits

  • DVIRC’s Lean Users’ Group is the only manufacturing and industrial centric group devoted to Lean in the Philadelphia region.
  • DVIRC’s employees are solely focused on the manufacturing sector, and our consulting clients, Lean Users’ Group members are people just like you, who wear similar shoes, and need to make similar decisions every day.
  • This group enables leaders to come together and share the tools and social leadership skills needed to drive organizational improvement.
  • The group is facilitated by a professional Continuous Improvement Master Black Belt and nationally known Lean guru, Jeff Kopenitz, and members meet six times per year.

Program Features:

  • Best-practice facility tours, showcasing operational excellence and innovative strategies.
  • Case studies focusing on current challenges faced by the host’s business, fostering practical learning and application.
  • Sessions dedicated to the sharing and discussion of best practices among members.
  • Professional facilitation to ensure productive and meaningful discussions.

Expert Access and Networking:

  • Regular access to DVIRC’s nationally renowned Lean expert, Jeff Kopenitz, for insights and guidance.
  • A peer group composed of 10-15 advisors, exclusively from industrial businesses, promoting targeted and relevant exchanges.

Meetings and Educational Opportunities:

  • Six scheduled meetings annually to facilitate continuous learning and networking.
  • Discounted access to the Annual Manufacturer’s Executives Conference for broader industry insights and networking.
  • Complimentary admission to 1-3 special events per year, designed specifically for Network Group members.
  • Discounted access to DVIRC’s Annual Manufacturing Summit, offering additional learning and networking opportunities.

Benchmarking and Development:

  • Access to quick benchmarking tools, enabling members to measure and compare their operations against industry standards and best practices.
Jeff Kopenitz, Lean Users Group Practice Lead

Jeff Kopenitz is a DVIRC Strategic Partner.

Rob Crossett

Regional Vice President of Business Development