Costing for Competitiveness

Get the cost data you need to negotiate prices and manage profit margins accurately.

Fresh Perspective On Quoting And Costing
Comprehensive Analysis
Accurate Cost Allocation

Costing for Competitiveness

Surprisingly, not all manufacturers know the true cost of their products. Without this knowledge, they incorrectly quote jobs or price products that will not achieve the profit margins they want.

Without detailed knowledge of the full costs of each work center, including overhead allocations, manufacturers won’t achieve targeted margins and long-term profitability.

Costing for Competitiveness Benefits

  • Expert Evaluation: Gain a fresh perspective on your quoting and costing practices from DVIRC’s extensive experience with over 125 companies, enhancing your decision-making on job acceptance and strategic product pricing.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Benefit from a thorough analysis of your business costs, including fully loaded labor rates and equipment overhead, ensuring accuracy and simplicity in quoting opportunities.
  • Accurate Cost Allocation: Achieve precise overhead cost allocation with DVIRC’s expert approach, enabling clearer insights into your financial operations.
  • Strategic Pricing Support: Utilize solid foundational cost information from DVIRC to navigate price negotiations effectively and maintain desired profit margins.
  • Industry-Leading Methodologies: Leverage DVIRC’s comprehensive approach to calculating work center rates, recognized as the most thorough analysis available in the marketplace.
Harry Landsburg, Costing for Competitiveness Practice Lead

Harry Landsburg is the President of HL27, LLC and a DVIRC Strategic Partner.