Strategic Planning

Provide the structure to give your business a focused purpose and direction to achieve your business goals.

Avg. Increase in Sales / Project
Avg. Retained Sales / Project
Avg. Cost Reduction / Project

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is often overlooked and under-valued, and running your business doesn’t always leave time to plan for your business. Striving for growth or improvement without setting clearly defined goals can leave your business adrift and unfocused. Without that focus, every day will seem more challenging than the last. DVIRC is ready to help you get on track and move forward.

Strategic Planning Benefits

  • Aligned Goals: Develop a clear vision with specific improvement goals that can be shared across the entire organization.
  • Identify KPIs: Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are tied to operational and financial performance.
  • Increase Company Buy-In: Gain greater level of buy-in and accountability from the management team that decreases the load on the president/owner.
  • Develop Your Company Culture: Develop a company culture that is aligned with your vision.
  • Measurable Growth: Achieve profitable growth that is measured and monitored.
Brian Deal, Strategic Planning Practice Lead

Brian Deal is the Director of Strategy and Supply Chain Services at DVIRC.