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DVIRC and the Navy Partner to Build a Next Generation Work

DVIRC Partners with NAVSEA to Commercialize Patents

“At DVIRC, we take pride in our role as responsible stewards, supporting all branches of the US Department of Defense in innovation and cost-saving efforts. We are dedicated to growing and fostering this relationship, as well as collaborating with other DOD partners. We aim to leverage our reputation to expand our services into space-based programs and other government agencies.”

Sylvia Wower, VP of Consulting and Advanced Technology Research

Advanced Technology Research

Our team of research, technology, engineering, process, and information systems experts draw complex technical landscapes and provide transition and integration roadmaps that feed into our nation’s homeland security and defense infrastructure.

Technology Commercialization

Providing a strategic pathway to transform innovative concepts into tangible assets. We leverage our industry insights and extensive network to guide defense entities in identifying licensing opportunities, securing beneficial agreements, and maximizing the value of their intellectual property.

Market Scouting

Gathering targeted data on customers, competitors, industries, markets, and trends to gain real-time business intelligence.

Supplier Scouting

Helping both industry and government agencies define, Identify, and qualify new suppliers, especially for the most critical products, components, and technology in even the most niche markets.

Workforce Development

Empowering organizations to build skilled and adaptable teams that meet the unique demands of the manufacturing sector and support the defense industry’s workforce requirements.

Meet the Experts

Our dedicated team brings extensive knowledge and experience to every project. We are driven by a passion for excellence and strive to provide our clients with the strategic intelligence they need to drive success.

Alan Shell

Director of Lean/Continuous Improvement Services, Master Black Belt

Brian Deal

Director, Strategy and Supply Chain Services

Sylvia Wower

Vice President, Consulting and Advanced Technology Research

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