Technology Commercialization

Transform ideas into reality with market entry guidance.

Accelerated Time to Market
Streamline the Commercialization Process
Receive Expert Guidance and Support

Technology Commercialization

Technology Commercialization is the pivotal process of transitioning cutting-edge technologies from the research lab to the marketplace, unlocking their full potential for innovation and economic growth. At DVIRC, we specialize in bridging this crucial gap, collaborating with entities such as Liberty Tech Bridge, Miltech, National Institute of Standards & Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership Network and the Office of The Secretary of Defense to facilitate seamless technology transfer and commercialization.

Leveraging our expertise and strategic partnerships, DVIRC empowers innovators within commercial and government organizations to navigate the complexities of the commercialization process, from market validation to product launch. By providing tailored guidance, resources, and support, we enable technology-driven businesses to realize their vision and drive meaningful impact in the marketplace.

Technology Commercialization Benefits

  • Accelerated Time to Market: Streamline the commercialization process and accelerate time to market for innovative technologies.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Access DVIRC’s extensive network and strategic partnerships to facilitate technology transfer and market entry.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive expert guidance and support at every stage of the commercialization journey, from market validation to product launch.
Sylvia Wower - VP of Consulting and Advanced Technology Research at DVIRC
Sylvia Wower, Technology Commercialization Practice Lead

Sylvia Wower is the VP of Consulting and Advanced Technology Research at DVIRC.

Sue Murray

List Research Supervisor and Business Growth Specialist