Executive Network Groups

Join a peer group of manufacturing leaders to share and learn about common challenges as well as best practice solutions to achieve profitable growth.

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Executive Network Group

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top! DVIRC’s Executive Network Groups provide a unique opportunity for business leaders from various industries to come together in a confidential setting to build a network of trusted business advisors and resources.

Our councils are helpful to leaders of companies experiencing transition, such as substantial growth, succession planning, newly appointed senior leaders, or executives new to the area.

Executive Network Group Benefits

  • Our groups meet monthly, and each meeting is led by a professional facilitator.
  • Members help each other through business issues and opportunities, collaborate, benchmark, share best practices, and interact with others experiencing similar challenges and business issues.
  • These groups open the door to strategic alliances and collaboration, and promote growth through fresh perspectives, avoiding costly mistakes, implementing growth plans, and much more.

Hosted by a member, each meeting includes:

  • Talks from educational speakers to provide insights and knowledge.
  • Facility tours showcasing best practices in action.
  • A case study presentation focusing on a current issue or opportunity faced by the host’s business.
  • Sessions for sharing best practices and engaging in discussions.
  • Professional facilitation to ensure effective and productive meetings.

Peer Group Composition:

  • Exclusive to industrial businesses.
  • Comprises 10-15 members per group for focused and meaningful interactions.

Educational Opportunities:

  • Four complimentary seats at one-day DVIRC workshops.
  • A discount of 10% on any DVIRC certification program.

Benchmarking Opportunities:

  • Hear 8-10 case studies each year for practical learning and application.
  • Access to quick benchmarking tools for performance and process comparison.

Special Events and Conferences:

  • Discounted access to the Annual Manufacturer’s Executives Conference.
  • Free admission to 1-3 special events per year exclusively for Executive Network Group members.

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Executive Network Groups – Dan Maroun

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Rob Crossett, Executive Nework Groups Practice Lead

Rob Crossett is DVIRC’s Regional Vice President of Business Development