Lead Generation

Drive measurable sales growth with our B2B Lead Generation Service.

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Avg. Retained Sales / Project
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Lead Generation

Our sales support team functions as an extension to your sales or as an outsourced model. With over 16 years of experience, we support hundreds of manufacturers regionally and across the US. We apply a disciplined approach to understand your strengths and opportunities, identify and vet relevant sectors and target prospects. You receive up to 6 qualified leads per month. We enjoy an 85% client retention, and our clients generate hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Lead Generation Benefits

  • Convenient and disciplined process to support your sales generation
  • Market validation, ensures the market we target yields the highest return on investment
  • Identify, vet, and qualify 60 new companies and contacts per month
  • A team of lead generation experts trained to call on behalf of your company and service
  • Complimentary Salesforce dashboard for real time lead notifications and prospect notes
  • Bi-weekly sales calls with our team to review status and adjust as appropriate
  • Up to 6 qualified leads per month, totaling 72 annually. Convert them at your average price point for increased revenue.

Lead Generation Process

  • Project Charter – We work with our client’s leadership teams to set a project charter and identify Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely (S.M.A.R.T.) Goals that relate to the growth of their businesses.
  • Sales & Marketing Planning – With the growth criteria set, we will begin to create a formal outreach and promotional plan. During this phase, considerations will be made to prospect profiles, industry attractiveness, barriers to growth, etc.
  • Market Scouting – The goal of this effort is to expand awareness / brand exposure by calling on approximately 60 prospect organizations each month. Typical results from this outreach equate to 4-6 qualified monthly sales lead opportunities. Regular project review calls will be scheduled as an essential part of our process.
Sylvia Wower - VP of Consulting and Advanced Technology Research at DVIRC
Sylvia Wower, Lead Generation Practice Lead

Sylvia Wower is the VP of Consulting and Advanced Technology Research at DVIRC.

Sue Murray

List Research Supervisor and Business Growth Specialist