Liberty Tech Bridge

Connecting Manufacturers with Navy Innovations

The DVIRC is facilitating transformative technology transfers between the U.S. Navy and the manufacturing industry in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

In collaboration with Liberty Tech Bridge, DVIRC is pioneering an initiative that promises to revolutionize both naval capabilities and the regional manufacturing landscape through direct access to the Navy’s portfolio of innovative patents.

The goal? To empower and connect regional manufacturers to turn these patents into products, enhancing the Navy’s operational capabilities while simultaneously bolstering the manufacturing sector in the region. 

This initiative not only opens the door for local manufacturers to explore and commercialize cutting-edge technology but also aims to elevate the area’s manufacturing industry to new heights by integrating advanced naval technologies into their production lines.

Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Access to Navy Patents: Direct access to innovative Navy technologies.
  • Economic and Job Growth: Opportunity to expand into new markets and create jobs.
  • Competitive Edge: Insights into market trends and competitive analysis.
  • Networking: Connect with Navy inventors and other manufacturers.
  • Guidance: Detailed patent exploration and manufacturing readiness roadmaps.

Taking Action

  • Join Liberty Tech Bridge Pitch Day Events: Discover the potential of Navy patents alongside other manufacturing leaders.
  • Explore Opportunities: Learn how to commercialize Navy innovations to grow your business.
  • Engage with the Ecosystem: Be part of a network including the U.S. Navy, industry, academia, and government.

About Liberty Tech Bridge

Spanning Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, the Liberty Tech Bridge is the 15th Tech Bridge within the continental United States. Named and inspired by Philadelphia’s famed Liberty Bell, the Liberty Tech Bridge’s vision is to serve as an innovation ecosystem between the U.S. Navy and industry, academia, as well as state and local government in the region to accelerate the development and transition of innovative increases in Naval warfighting capability.

Liberty Tech Bridge is a cooperative partnership between: