Lean Consulting

Improve operational efficiencies, increase profits, and create a more empowered and engaged culture.

Avg. Increase in Sales / Project
Avg. Retained Sales / Project
Avg. Cost Reduction / Project

Lean Consulting

To be successful, Lean Manufacturing requires buy-in and commitment from the entire company – from the C-suite through the shop floor. DVIRC’s approach to Lean Consulting includes coaching employees, teaching them how to implement processes, and helping them develop skills that will ensure your company’s long-term stability, overall growth, and competitiveness.

Our experts work with you to assess your operations and identify the desired organizational direction. They evaluate all of the Continuous Improvement services available, as well as the desired behaviors and soft skills for sustainability.

Lean Consulting Benefits

  • Cost savings of $100,000 or more in the first year
  • 15% or more increase in overall capacity and productivity
  • Improved employee retention
  • 30% faster employee “onboarding” times
  • 20% average improvement in on-time delivery and lead time to customers
Alan Shell, Lean Continous Improvement Practice Lead

Alan Shell is the Director of Lean/Continuous Improvement Services and a Master Black Belt at DVIRC.

Jeff Kopenitz

Advanced Manufacturing Lean Master, Shingijutsu Japan