Supply Chain 101

Understand and become proficient in inventory & supply chain management.

Subject Matter Expert-Led Lessons
One-On-One Coaching Sessions
Share Tactics And Best Practices

Supply Chain 101

It is not uncommon for small to mid-sized businesses to get tangled up in inventory and supply chain issues. The supply environment has run in a steady state for decades; however, a new paradigm has emerged. This course helps manufacturing leaders to understand and become proficient in inventory & supply chain management.

Supply Chain 101 Benefits

  • This is a highly interactive experience with subject matter expert-led lessons and corresponding manufacturing-based case studies
  • You’ll be provided a supporting workbook complete with exercises, tools and one-on-one coaching sessions that enable you to design and implement a strategy as unique as your business
  • Allotted time for sharing of individual successes, concerns, failures, and opportunities related to your business. During these exchanges, tactics and best practices will be shared to help make the most of a given situation
  • This program takes a “learn today, apply today” approach to drive dramatic improvements in your business

Receive and Share your Certificate of Completion
After completing the program, you’ll receive your Supply Chain 101 certificate of completion via email as a downloadable PDF within 1-2 weeks of completing the final required class.

Skills You’ll Gain
This course will help participants to:

  • Articulate and understand the components of supply chain planning
  • Understand and apply the principles of demand & capacity planning
  • Learn how to create risk & cost-based controls for effective inventory management
  • Experience creating and using inventory & supply chain key performance indicators
  • Perform supply chain mapping
  • Learn best practice Supplier Scouting techniques
  • Learn what implementing a formal Inventory Management and Supply Chain program entails

Brian Deal

Director, Strategy and Supply Chain Services

Sylvia Wower

Vice President, Consulting and Advanced Technology Research