Technology Landscaping & Validation

Empower your journey towards technological excellence and market leadership.

Gain Valuable Market Intelligence
Leverage Collaborative Expertise
Identify Strategic Opportunities

Technology Landscaping & Validation

Technology Landscaping & Validation is crucial for market entry, offering insights for strategic decisions. Analyzing market dynamics, competition, and tech trends, businesses gain a comprehensive understanding, crucial for exploring new markets, identifying R&D opportunities, and forming strategic partnerships.

At DVIRC, we recognize technology’s pivotal role in manufacturing growth. Through collaborations with entities like the National Institute of Standards & Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership Network and the Office of The Secretary of Defense, DVIRC’s service provides invaluable insights. Leveraging our expertise, manufacturers navigate the tech landscape with confidence, gaining market intelligence and strategic guidance.

Technology Landscaping & Validation Benefits

  • Gain valuable market intelligence and strategic guidance.
  • Leverage collaborative expertise for navigating the technological landscape.
  • Stay competitive by identifying strategic opportunities.
  • Drive innovation to enhance competitiveness and growth.
  • Receive actionable insights to stay ahead of the competition.
Sylvia Wower - VP of Consulting and Advanced Technology Research at DVIRC
Sylvia Wower, Technology Landscaping & Validation Practice Lead

Sylvia Wower is the VP of Consulting and Advanced Technology Research at DVIRC.

Sue Murray

List Research Supervisor and Business Growth Specialist