“What’s So Cool About Manufacturing” 2023 Virtual Awards Program


Get ready for an exciting experience as we bring to you the “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing” 2023 Virtual Awards Program. This annual event showcases the talent and creativity of students from across Southeastern Pennsylvania as they explore the world of modern manufacturing and highlight its coolest aspects.

With each year, this contest continues to grow in popularity, inspiring students to take a closer look at the exciting careers in manufacturing and engineering. The contest format has been so successful that it has been adopted in over a dozen states and continues to captivate audiences.

At this year’s event, students will showcase the latest advancements in the industry and profile innovative companies that are leading the way. The virtual awards program will reward the student teams that did the best job highlighting the fascinating world of manufacturing and the careers that are shaping our future.

And the best part? You get to be a part of the action! The contest features an online vote for the Viewers Choice Award, giving you the power to choose your favorite video profile. Online voting will be open from March 22-24th!

Don’t miss this chance to see the future of manufacturing and engineering come alive before your eyes. Register now for the 2023 “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing” Virtual Awards Program and be a part of the excitement. Get ready to be inspired!

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What’s So Cool About Manufacturing is a part of DVIRC’s Workforce Initiative where we are working to support the growth of Southeast Pennsylvania’s talent. If you have any questions about this initiative or would like to get involved, contact our Director of Workforce Engagement, Hannah McGarry, at hmcgarry@dvirc.org.