The Moldamatic Story: How to Build and Sustain a Thriving Workforce


Manufacturing companies today face a daunting task: attracting and retaining top talent in a competitive market. Finding skilled workers and keeping them engaged is crucial for success and growth. That’s why we have brought together industry experts to share their insights and experiences, offering practical strategies specifically tailored to the manufacturing sector.

Led by DVIRC’s Senior Manager of Training & Organizational Development, Viv Baxter, and featuring key insights from Kathleen Chalmers, HR Director at Moldamatic, this event will provide invaluable guidance on how to overcome the hurdles and build a thriving workforce that drives your company’s success.

During this engaging session, you will discover how to foster a culture of continuous learning, accountability, and innovation within your organization. You will also gain exclusive insights into the transformative journey of Moldamatic, a leading plastic injection molding manufacturing company, as they successfully navigated workforce complexities with a robust Supervisor Training approach.

This Event Will Feature:

  • Innovative approaches to training and development that enhance employee retention and engagement.
  • Workforce strategies to build a motivated, skilled, and dedicated workforce.
  • Firsthand accounts of the challenges faced by manufacturing companies and the tactics employed to overcome them
  • A panel discussion with Organizational Development expert, Viv Baxter, and Moldamatic’s HR Director, Kathleen Chalmers

Who Should Attend:

This event is a must-attend for business leaders, HR professionals, and individuals seeking to optimize their workforce dynamics. Engage in stimulating discussions, network with industry peers, and leave with actionable strategies to enhance your organization’s workforce and propel your business forward.


Viv Baxter

Senior Manager, Training & Organizational Development


Kathleen Chalmers

Human Resources Director


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