Manufacturing Growth 101


Every manufacturer is unique. Their growth challenges are less so. Most small and mid-sized manufactures (SMM) struggle to plan for and pursue a formal, sustainable strategy for growth. Manufacturing Growth 101 is the culmination of DVIRC’s lessons learned from over 160,000 hours spent working with SMMs, helping them optimize their lead generation efforts and strategic growth.

Course Outcomes

During this four-week training course, attendees will take part in half-day sessions to discuss:

  • Understanding what to expect as a supervisor
  • Building confidence to become an effective front-line leader
  • Recognizing different leadership styles
  • Dealing with negative people
  • Providing coaching and feedback to unlock employee potential
  • Increasing the ability to provide instruction
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Supervisor Training Preview

Who Should Take This Course

DVIRC has created this program to put small- and midsized manufacturers that have been struggling to find growth on a fast track toward change. Small groups of two or three members of an organization’s leadership team are encouraged to attend the program’s 10 weekly, 90-minute sessions.

If you are a company seeking a new wave of growth, this program is right for you!

Ways to Take This Course

Virtual Training • In Person Training • On-Demand Training

Three Months

Manufacturing Growth 101 is DVIRC’s response to the seemingly universal needs of small manufacturers to grow sales, improve margins, or sperate themselves from a sea of generic job shops. In short, it is DVIRC’s most comprehensive learn & apply growth program ever!

The course is a virtual learning experience where small teams from noncompeting manufacturers meet weekly over a period of three months to adopt a PDCA approach toward growth. It provides a highly interactive experience with subject matter expert-led lessons and corresponding manufacturing-based case studies. It features ideation exercises and tools that enable participants to design and implement a growth strategy as unique as their business.

Why Manufacturing Growth 101?

A Growth Program More Than 12 Years in The Making

The typical SMM lacks the internal resources and experience to identify and go after meaningful sales growth. This is especially true for businesses with fewer than 25 employees. Manufacturing Growth 101 is an unbundling and sharing of best practices for strategy, sales, and marketing that have been right-sized for businesses with fewer than 25 employees. It takes the principles of Lean and Continuous Improvement and flows them into a structured approach for finding, securing, and managing sales growth.

Throughout the program, participants will share individual successes, concerns, failures, and opportunities related to their path to market. During these exchanges, tactics and best practices will be revealed to help make the most of a given situation.

Utilizing a “learn today, apply tomorrow” approach, Manufacturing Growth 101 is likely be the fastest and most effective way to jumpstart any manufacturing business!

The DVIRC Difference

Since 2008, DVIRC has worked with over 700 individual small business owners and executives, helping them plan for, position themselves for, and pursue sales growth. Our experiences have led us to create a Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) approach towards growing sales profitably.

The mechanics of this approach are being shared for the first time in DVIRC’s newest learn & apply program that has been 12 years in the making!

Benefits of Manufacturing Growth 101

Manufacturing Growth 101 will identify and help eliminate the non-value-added elements that obstruct topline growth in most small businesses.  It will create a “way forward” for each participating business and deliver:

  • Business Strategy Essentials – The Actions You MUST Take to Grow!
  • Research and Competitive Analysis Basics to Help Gain Market Share
  • Positioning Essentials for Profitable Growth
  • High Impact, Low-Cost Marketing Tactics for Small- and Midsized Manufacturers
  • Sales Pipeline Optimization – Lead Generation and Sales Management
  • PDCA Tools and Techniques for Managing Your Growth Strategy
  • The Manufacturing Growth 101 – Money Back Guarantee:

The Manufacturing Growth 101 Money Back Guarantee is simple. If, at any time during your first three sessions, you are not completely satisfied with the program we have created, simply let DVIRC know. We will work to get you on track and excited about growing your business, or we will promptly credit your money back!

Meet Your Instructor

Chris Scafario


Chris Scafario is the President of DVIRC. Working in Philadelphia and across the nation’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Chris supports the advancement of small to mid-sized manufacturers (SMMs) and their supply chain through leading the design, implementation, and oversight of consulting services in operational excellence, top-line growth, and business management.

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