Watch: Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement with LavAzza

Global coffee roaster Lavazza invested in developing a Continuous Improvement (CI) culture and engaged DVIRC for Lean Principles Training and applied learning programs. This led to the identification and elimination of waste in processes, resulting in improved efficiency. Notably, they reduced downtime and streamlined tag entry, saving time. The success of the training prompted Lavazza to extend it to all departments and pursue Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

By implementing Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, the company identified cost-saving opportunities, such as reducing scrap and optimizing inventory allocation, resulting in over $500,000 in annual savings. Watch as LavAzza North America’s current Director of Manufacturing, David Augustin, and former Manufacturing Director, Joe Macrone, take us through LavAzza’s Continuous Improvement journey with DVIRC.

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