June 2023 Network Group Meetings

DVIRC’s network groups are a unique opportunity for forward-thinking business leaders to come together and have access to a network of trusted advisors, business development opportunities, and industry resources.

Not a Network Group member? We welcome you to join us as a guest for one of February’s upcoming Network Group Meetings.

Executive Network Group

Our Executive Network Groups consist of over 100 industrial, manufacturing, and distribution executives from the Philadelphia region. We offer a confidential setting where leaders from non-competing firms share and learn about common challenges as well as best practice solutions to achieve profitable growth.

  • 6/6/23 Council 1 Meeting – Virtual at Lionheart Industrial
  • 6/8/23 Council 2 Meeting – On-Site at Barry Callebaut
  • 6/14/23 All Counties Meeting – Location TBD
  • 6/16/23 Chester/Delaware County Meeting – On-Site at Endless Pools
  • 6/20/23 Montgomery County Meeting – On-Site at Custom Particle
  • 6/21/23 Bucks County Meeting – On-Site at Lucifer Furnace

Strategic HR Network Group

A peer forum for HR leaders within the Philadelphia region’s Industrial, Manufacturing, and Distribution community.

  • 6/9/23 Strategic HR Group Meeting – Virtual

Lean Users Group

DVIRC’s Lean Users’ Group is made up of Continuous Improvement leaders within the Philadelphia region’s Industrial, Manufacturing and Distribution community.

  • 6/5/23 Lean Users Group Meeting – On-Site at Mobile Outfitters


How to Attend as a Guest

Interested in attending one of these meetings as a guest? Contact our Customer Success and Support Specialist, Teri Grumbrecht, by phone at 215-287-8378 or by email at tgrumbrecht@dvirc.org.