DVIRC Shares Best Practices at the 2023 MEP National Conference: A Week of Innovation and Recognition

In a gathering of manufacturing excellence, the 2023 MEP National Conference witnessed the coming together of MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership) centers from across the United States. This annual event, known as the Center for Best Practices Conference, was hosted in the vibrant city of Buffalo, New York. Center members, representing various regions, industries, and specialties, converged for a week of learning, sharing, and equipping themselves with the best practices to support manufacturers nationwide.

DVIRC’s involvement in the 2023 MEP National Conference was marked by a series of best practice sessions. These sessions encompassed a wide array of topics crucial to the success and growth of the manufacturing industry. Here’s a glimpse of the topics covered by DVIRC:

  1. “DVIRC’s ‘Manufacturing Moonshot Mission’”: This session delved into DVIRC’s audacious mission to push the boundaries of manufacturing innovation and set ambitious goals for the industry’s future.
  2. “An MEP Center’s Path to Supporting the Defense Industrial Base”: Highlighting DVIRC’s significant role in supporting the defense sector, this session outlined the strategies and approaches employed to bolster the defense industrial base.
  3. “A View from The Trenches – The MEP Supply Chain Panel Discussion”: Addressing one of the most critical aspects of manufacturing, the supply chain, this panel discussion provided valuable insights into managing and optimizing supply chains.
  4. “The Advanced Manufacturing Technology CAP Project Report Out”: DVIRC’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology was showcased in this report, offering attendees a glimpse into the latest advancements in the field.
  5. “Growth Through Market Scouting & Advanced Technology Research”: Exploring the role of market scouting and advanced technology research in driving growth for manufacturers, this session shed light on DVIRC’s expertise in these areas.
  6. “Lead Generation Best Practices for the MEP Network”: In a digital age, lead generation is paramount. DVIRC shared best practices for harnessing the power of lead generation to benefit the MEP network.

DVIRC’s contributions did not go unnoticed. At the conference, we received an award recognizing our outstanding collaboration efforts within the MEP National Network. This recognition underscored DVIRC’s commitment to working seamlessly with partners across the nation to support manufacturers.

In addition to organizational accolades, Sylvia Wower, DVIRC’s Vice President of Consulting & Advanced Technology Research, achieved a remarkable personal milestone. She was honored with the prestigious title of “Innovator of The Year.” Sylvia’s exceptional dedication and contributions to supporting the nation’s defense industrial base and numerous small and midsized manufacturers across the country earned her this well-deserved accolade.