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“At DVIRC, we take pride in our role as responsible stewards, supporting all branches of the US Department of Defense in innovation and cost-saving efforts. We are dedicated to growing and fostering this relationship, as well as collaborating with other DOD partners. We aim to leverage our reputation to expand our services into space-based programs and other government agencies.”

Sylvia Wower, VP of Consulting and Advanced Technology Research

Advanced Technology Research

Our team of research, technology, engineering, process, and information systems experts draw complex technical landscapes and provide transition and integration roadmaps that feed into our nation’s homeland security and defense infrastructure.

Patent Commercialization

Providing a strategic pathway to transform innovative concepts into tangible assets. We leverage our industry insights and extensive network to guide defense entities in identifying licensing opportunities, securing beneficial agreements, and maximizing the value of their intellectual property.

Market Scouting

Gathering targeted data on customers, competitors, industries, markets, and trends to gain real-time business intelligence.

Supplier Scouting

Helping both industry and government agencies define, Identify, and qualify new suppliers, especially for the most critical products, components, and technology in even the most niche markets.

Workforce Development

Empowering organizations to build skilled and adaptable teams that meet the unique demands of the manufacturing sector and support the defense industry’s workforce requirements.

Success Stories


A supplier to the U.S. armed services, having developed a novel medical product, realized that its FDA approval for clinical testing would result in a ramp-up to production volumes that would overwhelm its supply chain.

At the outset of the project, the client relied on three suppliers.

These suppliers were originally selected for their process design capability and their willingness to work with a small medical device start-up; while they each embodied the attributes needed for product development, the anticipated production volumes would require additional partners.

DVIRC conducted extensive research, collaborating with the client to identify and prequalify suppliers based on strict regulatory standards, establishing research parameters aligned with the project scope.

Through targeted outreach and benchmark studies, DVIRC built a list of prospective suppliers meeting key requirements, providing regular project updates using a comprehensive “mind map” to track and present research progress.

  • Raw list of 1,000 potential prospects
  • Focused list of potential suppliers whom met regulatory requirements
  • Alignment of “blue” and “red” ribbon prospects meeting clients requirements

The U.S. armed services affiliate aimed to modernize its maintenance operations by exploring cutting-edge solutions used in the private sector.

Seeking world-class integrated maintenance practices and technologies, the client desired scalable solutions applicable to a global operations network, both proven and replicable using custom or off-the-shelf technologies.


DVIRC conducted extensive research to identify relevant industries and enterprises with similar maintenance requirements, establishing research parameters aligned with the project scope.

Collaborating with the client, targeted research areas of interest were identified and interviews with industry experts were conducted.

Regular project updates using a comprehensive “mind map” aided in organizing and analyzing information for effective decision-making.

  • DVIRC identified a short list of technologies and maintenance methodologies, assessing each based on its applicability and timeline for full-scale rollout.
  • DVIRC supplied the client with a final mind map and a list of prioritized solutions. Those with the closest alignment with the client’s requirements were identified as “blue-ribbon” technologies; those matching fewer attributes or lacking short-term availability were listed as “red” ribbon solutions.

An affiliate of the U.S. military was tasked with developing advanced medical training and education for warfighters. The project required developing a learning database system featuring personalized training, tracking, and analysis.

The results would yield a customized training program for healthcare providers throughout the continuum of care within the military. The proposed system would include four modules: training aids, learner history, data analytics, and recommendations.


In collaboration with the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), DVIRC conducted comprehensive research to understand the landscape of training platforms in both medical and non-medical domains within the Department of Defense (DoD).

With twin goals of identifying existing platforms and benchmarking them against specific modules, DVIRC’s research uncovered valuable insights and highlighted areas for improvement to meet the unique needs of the DoD.

  • DVIRC delivered comprehensive benchmark data in MS Excel format, encompassing both medical-focused and broader training platforms.
  • Personalization for individual learners was deemed valuable, with the potential to incorporate subjective feedback from mentors and senior personnel in training needs assessments.

DVIRC was engaged by a U.S. armed services affiliate to develop a Technology Landscape for revitalized material management and distribution solutions, aiming to achieve efficient just-in-time deliveries to distant locations for a large-scale global maintenance effort.

The project sought to identify world-class material management practices, technology platforms, and workforce elements that are proven, replicable, and align with the client’s feasibility and approval criteria.


DVIRC conducted extensive secondary and primary research to identify industries that had successfully developed effective material management and distribution practices, such as big-box retail and fulfillment centers used by leading online sellers.

Collaborating with the client, targeted research areas of interest were explored through interviews with industry experts, while a comprehensive “mind map” provided visual clarity and facilitated analysis, comprehension, and idea generation throughout the project.

  • DVIRC evaluated technologies and material management methodologies, assessing their applicability.
  • A final mind map was provided, identifying “blue-ribbon” technologies closely aligned with the client’s requirements, while “red” ribbon solutions matched fewer attributes.
  • DVIRC’s research summary included solution definitions, key attributes, and time horizon information, informing the client’s further evaluation and narrowing down of technology options.

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Vice President, Consulting and Advanced Technology Research

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