Manufacturing Leadership Series: Achieving Growth in 2024


Learn how successful manufacturing leaders are being proactive and effective in their growth strategies! Every manufacturer is unique, but their struggles for growth are less so. Join us and learn what not to do, and what you should do for continuous growth.


Who Should Attend

This event is tailored for manufacturing business leaders, executives, and professionals looking to explore the latest trends and strategies in market research, lead generation, digital marketing and advanced technology research. Join us if you’re passionate about driving growth and innovation within your organization.

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Sylvia Wower

Sylvia Wower, Vice President of Consulting and Advanced Technology Research at DVIRC will present why market diversification is critical, the four strategies for growth, and how to successfully deploy these pathways. She will share numerous client success stories that illustrate different growth strategies. On average these clients gained a significant 4x – 6x or better return on investment.

Under Sylvia’s leadership, DVIRC’s Business Growth Service (BGS) Team has spent over 160,000 hours working with over 1,000 unique manufacturing leaders, like Michael Araten, from across the country to find new pathways for growth.

The four strategies for growth include Diversification, Market Penetration, Product Development, & Market Development.

Michael Araten

Michael Araten, President of The Rodon Group will share his growth strategy, approach, and results to market diversification, developing new products, and entering new Medical Device and Life Science Markets. He will also share his market penetration strategy with existing products in the Window & Door Industry.

Sagan Medvec

Sagan Medvec, Owner of Brand Llama, will share the benefits of combining a fractional CMO and marketing agency partner to achieve your growth strategies and drive a digital marketing plan. Learn how this approach can free up your leadership team, develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, and implement a digital marketing plan to increase sales and brand recognition. Sagan will share several client examples of digital marketing plan execution and their results.

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