What Managers and Leaders are Saying about the Importance of Management Development

Managers serve a critical function in companies. And, if your business is to grow, you need to invest in this critical function. Management Development training increases employee retention, motivates employees, and results in a more effective and efficient workplace.  

Whether they’ve been in their role for 10 days or 10 years, every manager has untapped potential and the ability to improve. This is where DVIRC’s Management Development Certification course comes in.  

DVIRC’s Management Development Certification provides managers with the tools they need to lead effectively, solve problems, and handle the increasingly complex issues found in today’s manufacturing organizations. We had the pleasure of speaking with some of the participants and sponsors of our Summer 2022 open-enrollment course about their experience and here’s what they had to say.  

Michelle Shire, Executive Team Member at EFE Labs, has been a long-time champion of DVIRC’s unique applied-learning approach to management development, saying “new managers who go through the course are actually applying what they learn as they take the course. That applied learning approach is a huge benefit.” Since participants are applying what they learn as they go, they can start adding value to their organizations from day one. 

In addition to adding value to their companies, managers who take this course get the personal and career development they deserve. With an emphasis on interpersonal skills and leadership styles, Management Development Certification is filled with “a-ha” moments from participants.  

The course builds on open, honest discussion of the real-world problems and complex personnel issues common to many companies. “The management development training course was very enlightening and helpful,” says participant Christine Dinh, Office Manager at New Hudson Facades. “My instructor was excellent, and the material was extremely relevant. This training has helped me apply my learnings and ideas to real-world situations. I would recommend this course to Managers of all experience levels.” 

Christine Dinh, Office Manager at New Hudson Facades

While participants learn a great deal under the guidance of their course instructor, they also learn a lot from each other. Kathleen Chalmers, HR Director at Moldamatic LLC, notes the benefits of learning alongside fellow managers, saying: “the growth and development that managers experience in this course are a huge value-add to their company. Also, there are huge benefits to learning management skills with a group of peers. The things you come up with as a group are amazing.” 

“This course should be a requirement for new managers!” says participant Andrew Simon, Materials and Planning Manager at Leonardo Helicopters.

DVIRC’s Management Development Certification course consists of nine half-day sessions that can be taken during an open-enrollment program or held on-site at your facilities. Management development is essential to businesses that want to take a proactive approach to growth and develop a culture of innovation and improvement. “The course was a very targeted set of lessons for what managers need to do to deal with people,” says Kevin Semler, Instructor Pilot at Leonardo Helicopters. “The sections on leading change and effective interviewing are essential for companies who are trying to build their teams.” 

Kevin Semler, AW609 Instructor Pilot at Leonardo Helicopters, shares his report-out during the final session of the course.

Dustin Allen, Secondary Supervisor at Moldamatic LLC, told us “This course was my first step towards understanding the difference between management and leading.”

DVIRC’s next open-enrollment Management Development Course starts on September 1st and registration is open. Interested in learning more or holding a customized, on-site Management Development program at your facilities? Fill out the online contact form here.