Welcoming Viv Baxter as Senior Manager of Training and Organizational Development

DVIRC is thrilled to welcome Viv Baxter as our new Senior Manager of Training and Organizational Development. In this new role, Viv will apply her expertise towards providing training, professional development, and employee engagement solutions. This involves needs assessments, developing on-site collaborative solutions and training, as well as conducting training and education courses held at DVIRC. 

We asked Viv to share a bit more about her role, experience, and the value of Organizational Training & Development. 


Tell us more about your role as Senior Manager of Training and Organizational Development. 

In this role, I bring my knowledge and experience to facilitate, design, and deliver programs for organizations. Those programs cover topics such as supervisory training, management development, leadership training and more. We offer a number of programs to meet a wide variety of organizational needs and I can take these programs to organizations and deliver them on-site in a customized format. If I’m talking to a customer that is looking for training, my first question is always, “what is the problem you’re trying to solve?” Depending on the problem the customer is facing, I will suggest a program or training solution that will meet their needs. I will also work with clients to assist with building staff professional development training plans for their organization.  

Additionally, in my new role, I provide strategic direction to ensure our Training and Organizational content and programs stay relevant and are aligned with the needs of our region’s manufacturers. 


Tell us a bit about your experience and background. 

I’ve had more than 15 years of experience in the manufacturing training and development arena in a wide array of industries – including but not limited to precious and speciality metals, medical technology, quartz glass, sensors and specialty light sources, electronics, fasteners, as well as the Department of Defense. 

Prior to joining DVIRC, I worked for Southco Incorporated, Heraeus Incorporated, and Jubilant Pharma. At Heraeus, I served as the Sr. Manager of Learning and Change where I designed, implemented, and facilitated leadership programs, such as the Essentials of Leadership Program for supervisors; Leadership Advancement Program for emerging leaders; Diversity & Inclusion for Leaders; and a Senior Leader Onboarding program. I have also designed and facilitated workshops according to situational/change management needs such as new manager assimilation, team development, or working with teams who were directly affected by a merger or acquisition. 


Why was DVIRC a career choice for you personally? 

DVIRC’s mission and values match mine in that I think it’s important for organizations to be successful. I think our livelihoods and our children’s livelihood depends on the success of companies and organizations. DVIRC has a mission to help companies and their people succeed and, if I can be a part of that, then I’m happy. 


What advice would you offer manufacturing leaders regarding training and organizational development? 

Developing your people is a win-win. Your people will improve, and your company will improve. I hear people say, “why would I spend the time and money to develop people and have them leave,” and my response to that is “what happens if you don’t develop them, and they stay?” 

Training and development are so important and it’s a benefit for all parties involved when a company truly invests in its people. 


Join us in welcoming Viv to her new role! In addition to providing on-demand training and consulting, Viv will be instructing the following open-enrollment programs: 

If you are interested in getting in touch with Viv and learning more about how we can support your organizational learning & development strategy, fill out our online contact form or get in touch with Customer Success and Support Specialist, Teri Grumbrecht.  

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