Revolutionizing Work Culture: How Pecora Corp Benefitted from Supervisor Training

The necessity for robust supervisor training is crucial in any business aiming to engage and support strong leadership skills capable of building talented associates that perform well.

Because of this need, DVIRC has launched Supervisor Training Level 2, an advanced course building on the foundation of DVIRC’s basic Supervisor Training to equip supervisors with the tools and techniques to drive productivity and success in their team. 

Through this article, we are highlighting the real-world benefits of this training as shared by Bob Kirkpatrick, HR Business Partner at Pecora Corporation. 

In 2023 Pecora Corporation, a manufacturer of high-quality coatings, sealants, and air barriers, decided to revisit its relationship with DVIRC, having previously engaged in manufacturing training activities. This time, they were keen on investing in supervisory training. As Bob Kirkpatrick clarified, “We have new lead operators and new supervisors that we felt needed some additional training and help.” Acknowledging the gap in formal training, they saw it paramount to furnish the new cadre of leaders with a comprehensive skill set. 

The primary aim of the training revolved around fostering effective people management skills. In Kirkpatrick’s words, it was “an eye-opening experience” to learn “how to interact with people and to be able to solve some problems that they have on the people side of the business.” The supervisors were coached on vital aspects such as conflict resolution, employee motivation, and more. 

The training has undeniably influenced the morale and communication within the team. As Kirkpatrick observed, “the training has had a positive influence on the morale of the leads and supervisors that attended. You definitely see an increase in awareness on their part of how to treat people, how to handle people.” The training fostered a common language, facilitating better understanding and communication among the team. 

One significant highlight of the DVIRC partnership was the quality of training provided. The instructor, Viv Baxter, was well-equipped to handle the training, bringing real-life experiences to the learning environment. “I think she’s very knowledgeable. She knows how to handle a group very well.” shared Kirkpatrick. 

A fundamental shift brought about by the training was the realization that the supervisors shared common challenges in their professional roles. Kirkpatrick emphasized the benefits, saying, “they know they’re not alone, and some of the problems they’re facing are not unique.” This realization fostered a spirit of unity and shared problem-solving among the supervisors. 

Reflecting on the overall experience, Kirkpatrick’s endorsement of the program was resounding, “I’d 100% recommend it. I think it’s an excellent management tool that manufacturers can use to help develop their supervisors.” This affirmation underscores the training’s effectiveness in enhancing interpersonal skills, problem-solving capacities, and fostering shared experiences among supervisors, fostering a positive working environment and, with time, significantly improving operational efficiencies. By engaging and investing in the skills of employees also improves retention.

If your organization aspires to foster strong leadership, better communication, and a more supportive work environment, it’s time to take action. 

We invite you to consider embarking on this transformative journey with DVIRC. Our Supervisor Training programs are here to help guide your leaders, develop robust management skills, and, most importantly, facilitate the growth and success of your team. 

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