Maker Spotlight: Marquita Carter, Founder of Philly Traveling Braider and TRINITY Haircare

The journey of an entrepreneur is often characterized by resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of passion. For those who dare to dream, an opportunity to learn, network, and evolve can be a pivotal turning point in their success story. Marquita Carter, the founder and owner of Philly Traveling Braider and TRINITY Haircare, participated in our recent Level Up program.

Developed by DVIRC in partnership with the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP), the Level Up Manufacturing Course Program is designed to equip small businesses, particularly those with fewer than ten employees, with the tools and knowledge needed to advance and thrive. In this Q&A-style blog article, we dive into Marquita’s experience with the Level Up program, her inspiring entrepreneurial journey, what it means to be a life-long learner, and her commitment to excellence in the hair care industry.

Can you share the story behind the founding of Philly Traveling Braider and TRINITY Haircare? What inspired you to start your own business in the hair care industry?

My mother used to braid hair, and I picked it up at a young age. I loved being creative and braiding hair allowed me to express that creativity. As I grew up, I started braiding my friends’ hair, and it became a part of my life. In 2017, I decided to resign from my job as a probation officer to claim my time and do what I’m passionate about. Philly Traveling Braider was born. I provide mobile natural hair care services, bringing the salon experience to clients’ homes, complete with our handmade TRINITY hair care products.

Marquita Carter, founder of Philly Traveling Braider and TRINITY Haircare

How has your passion for hair care evolved over time, and what makes your business unique?

My passion has grown as I’ve connected with clients from various walks of life. It’s not just about hair; it’s about building relationships and connections. What makes my business unique is the convenience I offer. Clients can stay at home, continue working, and relax in a familiar environment while getting their hair done. We cater to clients with natural hair, ensuring our products are chemical-free and safe for all.

Could you share some memorable moments where your services had a significant positive impact on your clients’ lives?

One memorable moment was when I worked with an elderly client who had dementia. Her family didn’t trust other stylists, so they reached out to me. I helped her look and feel beautiful, and it made a significant difference in her life. It’s also rewarding to know that my services help clients regain their time, especially those who don’t have the luxury of childcare or a support system.

Could you describe the experience clients can expect when they book a service with Philly Traveling Braider?

Our services are highly customized, depending on what clients want. We provide everything needed for the service, from supplies to handmade TRINITY hair care products. Clients can get their hair washed, oiled with TRINITY products, and if necessary, hair extensions can be included. It’s all about meeting their specific needs.

You’ve also ventured into the hair care product industry with TRINITY Haircare. What inspired you to create your own line, and what makes your products special?

TRINITY Haircare came about because I wanted to address a specific client’s needs who struggled with severe dandruff. Most products contained chemicals, so I created a natural solution that worked wonders. Our products are chemical-free and designed to maintain healthy hair, particularly for clients with natural hair or those with specific health issues related to their scalp. I believe in chemical-free, honest products that truly help clients.

You participated in DVIRC’s Level-Up program in partnership with the Community College of Philadelphia. Can you tell us more about your experience and how it has benefited your entrepreneurial journey?

DVIRC’s Level-Up program was an excellent opportunity for networking and learning. I connected with people who could offer guidance and resources. It’s essential to connect with fellow entrepreneurs because sometimes friends and family may not understand the entrepreneurial path. The program introduced me to new opportunities, like a product I’m developing that eases hair detangling pain. DVIRC’s connections and guidance were invaluable.

Looking ahead, what are your long-term goals for Philly Traveling Braider and TRINITY Haircare?

My long-term goals involve creating a space where hairstylists can work more freely and not be restricted to traditional salons. I want to make life more convenient for both hairstylists and clients. Additionally, I have innovative products in development, like the “blow dryer buddy,” which I aim to bring to the market.

Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business in an industry they’re passionate about?

Discover who you are as a person and understand that what you’re good at may not necessarily be what you’re passionate about. Use your strengths as a starting point to explore your passions. Be a lifelong learner, always eager to learn from others. And don’t rush the process—build and nurture your business with care and integrity.

Please be sure to check out Philly Traveling Braider on their website here and follow @phillytravelingbraider on Facebook.