Empowering Growth: Ram-Z’s Collaboration with DVIRC

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, the need for adaptation and growth is paramount. Ram-Z, a leading job shop in Corvallis, OR, specializing in machining, fabrication, and welding services, faced the challenge of declining sales in 2023. However, through a strategic partnership with DVIRC, they found a powerful solution to reignite their success. DVIRC’s Lead Generation team takes a hands-on approach to understanding client strengths and opportunities, identifying and vetting relevant prospects, and managing both the active outreach and the communication of leads to their sales team.

Chris Doig, Shop Manager at Ram-Z, expressed the motivation behind this collaboration, stating, “We experienced a decline in sales in 2023, like many in our industry. We did not at the time have a sales department at all, so it was just a couple of us trying to fill that position, and we realized that wasn’t enough.”

Communication is key in any partnership, and Ram-Z found that DVIRC’s team had a solid understanding of the intricacies of machining and fabrication. In a Q&A with Chris, he highlighted the effectiveness of DVIRC’s approach, noting that “It’s hard to sell if you don’t understand what the heck people are selling, but their familiarity with our industry’s lingo and basics made the collaboration effective.”

Chris expressed his happiness with the positive attitudes of the DVIRC team, emphasizing the importance of relational work over transactional interactions. He noted, “What made me happiest was the honestly positive attitudes of everybody that we were working with. Jameson, Jeanette, and Yvonne are really positive people, and I think that we meshed really well with them because we’re also trying to be very positive here, and they seem like they were both good at relational work.”

Ram-Z witnessed immediate results from DVIRC’s lead generation services, securing new jobs and prompting the hiring of a full-time sales manager. Chris Doig shared, “We have received a couple of jobs out of it, and we did hire a sales manager. That’s the only reason we stopped the project because the opportunity arose for us to hire a full-time salesperson.” He anticipates continued success from the contacts provided by DVIRC, with the potential for more purchase orders in the future.

Ram-Z’s success story with DVIRC and OMEP is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and effective lead generation. As they continue to thrive and adapt in the manufacturing landscape, their journey serves as inspiration for others seeking growth and success in an ever-evolving industry.

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