DVIRC Sponsors NDIA DVC Naval Nuclear Submarine and Aircraft Carrier Supplier Conference

DVIRC is proud to sponsor the upcoming NDIA Delaware Valley Chapter (NDIA-DVC) Naval Nuclear Submarine and Aircraft Carrier Suppliers Conference, a pivotal event that underscores our commitment to building Navy-Industry partnerships. This conference, now in its third year, serves as a crucial platform for addressing supply chain challenges and opportunities within the U.S. Navy’s Virginia and Columbia class submarines, as well as the Ford class aircraft carrier shipbuilding programs.

Event Highlights

The NDIA-DVC Naval Nuclear Submarine and Aircraft Carrier Suppliers Conference is scheduled for December 13-14, 2023, and will take place at Drexel University’s Creese Student Center, situated at 3210 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

This conference is aimed at effectively translating congressional mandates outlined in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into actionable responses by industry partners. By sponsoring this event, DVIRC demonstrates its commitment to facilitating critical collaboration opportunities among the Navy, Shipbuilders, and Industry stakeholders.

Building Navy-Industry Partnerships

DVIRC’s sponsorship of the NDIA-DVC Naval Nuclear Submarine and Aircraft Carrier Suppliers Conference aligns with our commitment to support a strong Defense Industrial Base (DIB) in the region to meet the Navy’s critical supply chain and workforce needs.

“Southeast Pennsylvania is a very important region to the Navy since 20% or more of the manufacturing submarine supply chain is located here, said Chris Scafario, President & CEO of DVIRC. “Our region plays a vital role in protecting our nation, ensuring our service men and women have the most advanced technological advantages.”

The United States Department of the Navy (DON) is on a mission to completely transform its nuclear-powered submarine fleet. The Columbia class submarines are the largest and most technologically advanced subs the U.S. Navy has ever put out to sea.

Due to the Navy’s mandate, and the magnitude of this mission, it requires thousands of suppliers, and the need to grow the workforce by 100,000 skilled workers to support the Submarine Industrial Base (SIB).

“This is a call to action for the region, and our manufacturing sector to support the defense of our country,” said Scafario. “I strongly encourage regional manufacturers to attend this informative conference.”

Join Us

We invite all those engaged in the naval supply chain, as well as anyone interested in the future of naval construction and innovation, to join us at the NDIA-DVC Naval Nuclear Submarine and Aircraft Carrier Suppliers Conference. Together, we can strengthen our partnerships, foster innovation, and continue to drive progress in the defense industry.

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Kathy Reynolds

National Defense Industrial Association-Delaware Valley Chapter (NDIA-DVC)
President and Director

Conference Opening and Welcome Remarks


Governor Josh Shapiro

State of Pennsylvania

State Policy


Rear Adm. Scott W. Pappano

Program Executive Office Strategic Submarines

State of the Columbia Class Program


Mr. Matthew D. Sermon

Program Executive Office Strategic Submarines
Executive Director

The Demand Signal


Whitney Jones

Program Executive Office Strategic Submarines (PEO SSBN)
Director, Submarine Industrial Base

War on Talent


Dr. Bill Hoeft

Systems Planning and Analysis
Strategic Advisor, Technology Assessment Group


Rear Adm. Casey Moton

Program Executive Officer, Aircraft Carriers

State of the Ford Class Aircraft Carrier Program


Beth Rafferty

General Dynamics Electric Boat
Vice President and Chief Supply Officer

Shipyard Procurement Needs


Cullen Glass

Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS), a Division of Huntington Ingalls Industries
Vice President, Supply Chain Management

Shipyard Procurement Needs


Dr. Lawrence Schutte

Lockheed Martin
Director of Research and Technology Programs

Technology Review Panel


Capt. Lincoln Reifsteck

Program Manager, AUKUS Integration and Acquisition Direct Reporting Program

AUKUS Submarine Program