DVIRC Receives Manufacturing Supply Chain Contract with the U.S. Navy

PHILADELPHIA – The Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center (DVIRC) has been awarded a $1M contract by BlueForge Alliance to address the urgent demand for increased workforce and capacity in the U.S. Submarine Industrial Base (SIB). DVIRC will create and deploy a regional strategy and taskforce to spur enterprise engagement, elevate opportunities to expand capacity, and connect more people to the mission across Southeastern Pennsylvania’s defense industrial base workforce. 

“The U.S. Navy and its civilian workforce are building the most advanced sea-based strategic deterrent the world has ever known. DVIRC is both honored and humbled to help find and contribute some of the additional workforce and manufacturing supply chain capacity needed to achieve the required submarine cadence,” said Chris Scafario, President & CEO, DVIRC. 

“The Navy is on a generational journey to recapitalize its sea-based strategic deterrence and to guarantee a capable and enduring undersea presence in times of peace and conflict,” said Rear Admiral Scott Pappano, Program Executive Officer, Strategic Submarines. “Achieving that goal means strengthening supply chains to ensure America’s submarine industrial base has the capability, capacity, and skilled workforce to maintain our existing fleet and manufacture one Columbia and two Virginia class submarines per year beginning in Fiscal Year 2028— which amounts to a five-fold increase in submarine construction rates.”

“With its talented manufacturing workforce, concentration of key suppliers, and history as a maritime center of gravity, the Delaware Valley region is a big part of making that happen,” Admiral Pappano concluded. “I thank the DVIRC for partnering with us on this no fail mission.”  

Rear Admiral Scott Pappano
Program Executive Officer, Strategic Submarines

DVIRC supports more than 5,500 manufacturers within Southeast Pennsylvania. About 25 percent currently support the defense industrial base. This award will help increase the number of current manufacturing suppliers and strengthen all companies, including an expanded and trained labor market, targeting underserved populations, modernized and technical capabilities, and best in class product and process improvements. 

“It is estimated that as much as 20 percent of the Columbia-class supply chain will come from the surrounding regions of the Delaware Valley. The growth associated with this historic program is likely to spawn a revitalization of our regional manufacturing base, create thousands of family sustaining careers in manufacturing and contribute hundreds of millions of dollars in value added impact for our region,” Scafario went on to say.

To learn more about this initiative and to stay informed about DVIRC’s upcoming events, community outreach or program specific tools, visit www.dvirc.org. To increase awareness of and excitement about shipbuilding and submarines, visit www.buildsubmarines.com.



About DVIRC 

DVIRC is a manufacturing consulting firm, advocate and economic development organization supporting the profitable growth of small and mid-sized U.S. manufacturers. We support manufacturers through consulting services, advanced technology research, training and education, and executive network groups.  Since 1988 we have served more than 2,000 manufacturers regionally and nationally, as well as numerous federal agencies, generating over $2 Billion in client impact. For more information visit www.dvirc.org

About BlueForge Alliance
BlueForge Alliance (BFA) is the nonprofit, neutral integrator that supports the U.S. Navy’s Submarine Industrial Base (SIB) initiatives and efforts to strengthen and sustain the maritime manufacturing sector.  BFA is a critical partner in the SIB’s mission to ensure industry has the capability, capacity, and resilience to build and maintain America’s next generation of undersea platforms. The organization’s team of experts in a variety of disciplines focus on addressing critical workforce, technology, and supplier development needs. BFA is headquartered in Bryan/College Station, Texas. For more information, visit www.BlueForgeAlliance.us. 

About the Submarine Industrial Base
The submarine industrial base is a vital part of the United States’ national security. For decades, this skilled and patriotic group of industry partners have provided critical components, products and services to ensure the design, construction, maintenance and modernization of the U.S. Navy submarine fleet. The millions of hands that ultimately build these great vessels hail from every state in the country, and a vast network of over 16,000 suppliers that range from small, family-owned businesses to vast shipbuilders. The industrial base’s dedication to the mission and continued innovation have enabled the Navy to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate needs, providing a strategic advantage and a fundamental differentiator in the defense of the nation.