Carly Loonstyn: Navigating the Complex World of Advanced Technology Research

In the realm of advanced technology research, where data is king and precision is paramount, having an expert like Carly Loonstyn is invaluable. As the Advanced Technology Research Manager at DVIRC (Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center), Carly plays a pivotal role in supporting the Market Development department, focusing on Market Research and Lead Generation. With her impressive background in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, Carly brings a wealth of experience to her role and ensures that DVIRC’s clients receive top-notch technical insights.

DVIRC, with its extensive team of experts, has been a trusted partner in providing critical technical landscapes and integration roadmaps to bolster our nation’s homeland security and defense infrastructure. Across the United States, DVIRC has been instrumental in guiding thousands of organizations toward successful transitions and integrations.

In an exclusive interview, Carly Loonstyn opens up about her typical workday as a Research Analyst, her approach to new projects and clients, and how she manages high volumes of data and primary research.


A Day in the Life of an Advanced Technology Research Manager

Carly’s workdays are anything but mundane. She starts her day with an internal team meeting, during which ongoing projects and their priorities are reviewed. This strategic approach helps ensure that her team can efficiently manage multiple projects while maintaining a high level of client service.

“Some days require us to dedicate more extensive time to a particular deliverable, which might span several days,” Carly explains. For example, in-depth market research reports can be time-consuming, but the team’s flexibility allows them to meet client needs effectively.


Approaching New Projects and Clients

When it comes to tackling new projects and clients, Carly emphasizes the importance of a thorough introduction. The initial interaction is a crucial step in understanding the client’s perspective and defining success from their point of view.

“Our approach isn’t one-size-fits-all; it’s tailored to the unique needs of each client,” Carly notes. Depending on the project, clients may require services ranging from voice-of-customer research to comprehensive customer base analysis or even supplier scouting. Carly and her team take the time to understand each client’s identity, core activities, and business objectives to provide the best possible support.

This dialogue also allows Carly and team to identify how they can best assist the client. “For example, some clients require voice-of-customer research to determine pricing for a new product, while others seek a comprehensive view of their customer base, including former, current, and potential customers,” says Carly. “The project also sometimes demands supplier scouting which involves identifying suppliers for the client. This often arises when clients need suppliers located closer to their operations, often due to supply chain considerations.”


Managing High-Volume Data and Primary Research

Dealing with extensive data and primary research is a hallmark of Carly’s role. To stay organized, her team employs a systematic approach. They begin by generating relevant keywords and establishing specific parameters, such as company size and location, to filter data effectively.

“After extracting and filtering data based on these parameters, we evaluate each company to ensure it possesses the capabilities and characteristics the client is seeking,” Carly explains. The result is a well-organized and tailored list of potential companies, which is then handed over to the sales team for further engagement and assessment.

Primary research projects involve a meticulous process of data gathering, information validation, and additional research to gain a profound understanding of market dynamics. The methodologies employed are always customized to meet the unique demands of each project, ensuring that clients receive the most accurate and relevant information.

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