Barry W. Miller, CEO of DVIRC Retires

Barry Miller has retired after 35 years of serving manufacturers through the DVIRC. As one of the longest-serving representatives of the MEP National Network, Miller was instrumental in shaping the programs and services offered. One of the earliest champions of lean, Miller developed the practice in southeastern Pennsylvania that became a staple of the Network. He also developed the Executive Network Groups model adopted by many MEP Centers, and formed DVIRC’s Business Growth Services team, which provides business development support to over 20 MEP Centers throughout the country.

For over three decades, Barry Miller has been a force of nature, driving change, innovation, and growth at DVIRC. He has played a pivotal role in overseeing the company’s multi-faceted business practices, including consulting services, executive network group memberships, and training and educational programs. Miller’s visionary leadership has also extended to managing performance-based contracts with federal and state governments, and special contracts to support small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Launching major workforce initiatives, promoting advanced technology adoption and integration, right-sizing best practices for firms across the Network, and advocating for MEP in Pennsylvania and Washington – these are just some of his many accomplishments. In recognition of his remarkable contribution to the industry, Barry was honored with the Practitioners Award from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 1998 for his exceptional work in developing high-impact services for small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Miller was hired by DVIRC in 1989, and DVIRC became part of the MEP program in 1995. During his career, he became a highly respected executive among his peers and colleagues for his unwavering vision of the manufacturing renaissance that is gaining prominence and momentum throughout the country. He molded the DVIRC into one of the Network’s most respected Centers and leaves behind a legacy of excellence. His work has touched and improved the lives of thousands of people, and he leaves behind a body of work that is unequaled in the industrial modernization business.

Barry is succeeded by DVIRC President, Chris Scafario, who brings with him an incredible track record of over 15 years with the DVIRC where he has been instrumental in driving growth and improvement both within the company and for our manufacturers. Join us in congratulating Barry on his remarkable career and congratulations to Chris on the new position!